Our Calling & Vision

This faith outreach ministry was birthed in 1978 with the calling to make available the Word of God in as many media forms as possible and inexpensively to edify the Body and equip them to do the works of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are therefore committed to provide the following services:


  • A Resource Centre for scriptural teaching, exhortations and other biblically-based resources. By God’s grace, the library is able to provide a wide range of these on audio and video formats – audio CDs, VCDs and DVDS to pastors, leaders, parents, youth and other Christians for their ministry and personal growth.
  • Our Audio CDs (presently over 5,000 titles) cover exposition of books of the Bible, prayers, spiritual warfare, endtimes, Israel and the Church, etc.
  • Our Video resources (over 2000 titles in the forms of VCDS and DVDs) covers expositions of the Word, parenting, spiritual warfare, Christian movies, cartoons with Christian themes for children, etc.
  • Book resources (over 2000 titles) covering various aspects of Christianity are available for loan for free for members only.
  • Provide Christian resource materials to pastors, churches, bible schools of needy nations without charge.
  • Organise seminars by anointed Bible teachers and speakers.
  • Evangelistic outreach.